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Female Menopause Solution Recommended by Malaysian Medical Professionals

You’ve hit your 40s, you work out, you eat well and you are looking good, but something feels off. You are battling with constant discomfort from the intimate area – Vaginal Discomfort/Vaginla Atrophy, Urine Incontinence, and Vaginal Dryness/Itch that are worsening each day. Besides, youthful skin and intimate passion are no longer present in your marital life. These and many ageing discomforts are known as Peri-Menopausal Symptoms, they are common to women as young as 35 years old with slower blood circulation & decreasing estrogen.

Kimberley, CMO of Medibeu, is a sufferer herself and knows the pain and disruption caused by these peri-menopausal symptoms. Secret99+ ‘youthful vagina’ Nano Gel and its clinically proven solution aim to reverse & prevent premature ageing of your intimate area. Secret99+ has helped Kimberley and many sufferers reverse these symptoms and reinstate a youthful & quality life, intimate health and overall wellness.

The Solution That Is Encouraged by Medical Professionals

Your doctor may have recommended Secret99+ as a potential solution for you if you have been going around esthetic and women’s health clinics around Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.

Secret99+ and its genuine science are supported by multiple industrial professionals, especially Dr Ungku Mohd Shahrin, the president of Malaysia Registered Aesthetic Medical Practitioners Organization and a strong advocate for evidence-based medicines. Numerous clinics across the region have begun taking Secret99+ as one of their core ageing solution for patients.

Dr Syai from Radiant Clinic, Shah Alam has also quoted:
“Finally there is a solution for women out there to regain back their youthfulness. Secret99 is the answer to intimate health rejuvenation that sends a “youth signal” to trigger a natural repair process, promotes circulation and thus reverses all cell ageing processes. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an effective non-invasive solution to regain intimate youthfulness. is a natural supplement that is an effective treatment for menopause symptoms.”

Use Secret99+ 2 times a week, every other night for the first 3-6 months, and go down to once a week for maintenance ever after and you’ll start to feel the benefits. So if you’re looking for an alternative to an ageing solution, Secret99+ may be the solution for you.

The Reason Why This Solution Is Effective

You’re probably wondering why we’re so excited about this solution. It all comes down to its key element that helps boost and promote the repair of nerve and blood vessel cellsNano Protein & our Patented Bionatural Peptide Technology. What’s more, it also helps promote balanced hormones & improve blood circulation—something that decreases as we age.

Secret99+ has no side effects at all, and with all of its functions, the 3 main obvious and attainable results that this product honour is:

  1. 1. Prevent recurring vaginal discomforts such as itch, odour and unwanted discharge.
  2. 2. Naturally resolve vaginal dryness without external moisturizers & substances
  3. 3. Foster higher libido for
    enhanced intimacy time

So if you’re experiencing symptoms of menopause, order Secret99+ here and you may just solve your feminine health problems in no time!