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pelvic floor prolapse

For stronger women. Everywhere.

SECRET99® Pelvic Health System can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to improve stress, mixed and urgency urinary incontinence, including overactive bladder.

For stronger women. Everywhere.

SECRET99® Pelvic Health System can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to improve stress, mixed and urgency urinary incontinence, including overactive bladder.

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Over 60% of U.S. women experience UI1

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As few as 25% of women with UI seek treatment from their healthcare professional2

Manage stress

Women with UI are more like to report not being physically active3,4

Manage stress

Women with UI are more likely to be admitted to a nursing facility5

You’re not alone

Over 60% of women in the U.S. experience UI.1 If you’re experiencing urinary incontinence (UI), it’s important to get help, and soon. UI is common, but not normal. Why? UI is a serious medical condition that can worsen over time if you don’t take action.

UI can and should be treated

UI may be caused by a weakened pelvic floor, a group of muscles under the bladder. Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), commonly known as Kegels, is widely recommended and proven to strengthen the pelvic floor, but Kegels are hard to do. Now there’s a solution that can help.

Get to know the SECRET99® Program

Talk to your provider to request a prescription for the leva system today. Or speak with one of our leva Women’s Center Educators to learn more about the leva system. Our Educators can also help you find a provider in your area, or connect you with our telehealth partner.


Secret 99 delivers direct and targeted rejuvenation through clinically proven ‘youth signaling to cell’ that promotes nerve and blood vessel repair, immune and hormonal regulators and acted as functional phyto-extracts to where it matters most, resulting an efficient, effective and youthful living.
Patented bio-natural peptides technology

The peptides are naturally circulated and discharged by our bodies, leaving no side effects.

Secret 99 is clinically tested for efficacy and meets a high standard of safety. Secret 99 is registered with the NPRA in South Korea and the KKM in Malaysia. We also use SGS for third-party product safety testing.

Two positive outcomes are possible:

  • It is working on anti-inflammation if you notice unwanted discharge several hours to a day after application. This can last several days to a week.
  • It can cause menstrual spotting in between periods, particularly in users with a long history of birth control / IUD use, which causes retention of menstruation residue, also known as block blood qi in Chinese medicine. Secret 99 will work to eliminate them, restoring your menstrual cycle to normalcy and reverting to a healthy reddish hue.
10 years R&D in therapeutics & rejuvenation
Secret 99 has not received Halal certification. However, all of the ingredients in Secret 99 are halal, pharmaceutical-grade, and have been approved for use by Malaysia’s NPRA (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia).
Proprietary leading-edge pharmaceutical grade
Though it is safe to use, we do not recommend it during pregnancy because the body produces higher concentrations of hormones during pregnancy than at other times in the female reproductive cycle and increases over the course of pregnancy, so it does not require additional support.
Non-invasive rejuvenation
Yes, it is safe and beneficial for postpartum rejuvenation.
Safe. KKM, KFDA approved. SGS tested

Secret 99 is a non-invasive, holistic rejuvenation, working on repair and renewal. Please allow it some time with diligent and regular use to experience the full benefit of using Secret 99. Having said that Secret 99 on topical application into the vagina wall for absorption, works to:

  1. Promote and boost healthy mucosa levels and moisture (especially for those with peri / menopausal symptoms suffering from vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy)
  2. Regain a healthy pH balance level in your intimate region to prevent recurring vaginal discomforts
  3. It contains Phyto-NEP, an effective anti-inflammatory factor derived from plants and Lactobacillus Ferment to effectively resolve itch, odour and unwanted discharge between 1 to 6 times (1ml) applications.
  4. They are also great as emergency love gel because it helps immediately resolve vaginal dryness or just as an added boost in intimacy sensation.
Zero-hormone. Non-drugs. Non-invasive rejuvenation.

Secret 99 is derived from 10 years of R&D in rejuvenation and immune science and patented bio-natural peptides extraction technology dedicated to wholesome revitalisation and wellness care that is safe and effective without side effects such as hormone therapy or invasive procedure.

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Secret99® is proven to work

An 8-week clinical study found that leva was better than Kegels alone. Women using leva experienced fewer leaking episodes and significantly greater symptom improvement.6

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Prevents and delivers immediate relief of vaginal discomforts, atrophy or irritation.

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Boost libido & sexual health

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Get a prescription from your healthcare provider.

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Speak with one of our leva Women’s Center Educators to learn more.

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