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Secret99+ Nano Gel


Erase vaginal dryness and regain libido. Non-hormones, non-drugs, no injections, non-invasive method.

Embark on a journey towards lifelong optimal vaginal health and slow ageing support with Secret99+, a groundbreaking nano gel packed with the potency of stem cell secretomes, peptides, and clinically proven natural extracts. Experience a non-invasive, hormone-free, non-drug solution designed to promote total feminine wellness without side effects.

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Rejuvenate Vaginal Health
with Secret99+ synergistic system

Secret99+'s science, quality, and synergy give us the confidence to state it is the most comprehensive vaginal health support you will come across, period. Secret99+ supports natural vaginal health rejuvenation in six key areas of a woman's intimate health: immune regularity, circulation support, gut health, cognitive support, hormonal support, and longevity.

Each ingredient in Secret99+ was meticulously selected following 10 years of research and development in regenerative science, through our cutting-edge patented technology in the formulation, combining multiple beneficial proteins and natural extracts to provide the most bioavailable signals to women's vaginal health.

We prioritise technology, safety, and quality excellence, and we make certain that our ingredients are carefully selected to meet top-tier sourcing criteria as well as third-party-certified rigorous safety requirements. 

Clinical trial: Systematic renewal from the inside out is effective.

A test on 20 participant, Korean women aged between 31 - 63, reported an overall improvement in both intimate health and skin health (moisture reading) after using Secret99+ Rejuvenating System.

Duration: 6 weeks
Method: Patch test, shoulder

Women health
A follow-up qualitative studies by KC Skin Centre, Korea were conducted for all 20 participants age between 31-63, after 3 months of using Secret99+ Rejuvenating System.

Results - look good, feel even better

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relief from vaginal dryness

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skin health & elasticity

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increased pleasure sensitivity

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libido improvement

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relief from vaginal vaginosis

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mood improvement & wellbeing

How to apply:

    1. Remove the plunger’s cap. Administer the entire 1mL.
      contents into the vaginal or anal cavity for absorption.
    2. Best applied before going to sleep on your bed. Otherwise,
      please lie down for 20 minutes to allow it to fully absorb.
    3. To maximize Secret99+’s benefits, hug your knee to your chest, Inhale, suck in your tummy, tighten your vaginal muscles,
      and hold for 5 seconds before slowly releasing. It’s similar to
      doing a kegel for the vagina and tummy at the same time.
      Repeat 20 times more.

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