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What is Secret99+ Rejuvenating System?

Secret99+ nano gel with stem cell secretomes, natural extracts and peptides delivers rejuvenation to vaginal health, helping you slow-age vaginal ecosystem, and live your optimal life.

How and why?

Our Korean scientists have ingeniously crafted Secret99+ by meticulously regulating groups of proteins into a nano gel that provides exceptional benefits for vaginal wellness and slow-ageing. Secret99+ is an immensely potent and effective rejuvenation method when applied directly to the vaginal canal for absorption and circulation. It is a simple, safe, and comfortable method that can be administered at home. Secret99+ rejuvenation safeguards lifelong femininity and quality of life.

Made in Korea. A unique cutting-edge technology activating peptides, natural extracts, and stem cell secretomes delivers 30x higher absorption.
Made in Korea. A unique cutting-edge technology activating peptides, natural extracts, and stem cell secretomes delivers 30x higher absorption.

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Vaginal care should begin now

The ovarian tissue ages 2–3 times faster than other tissues at mid-age. Use Secret99+ as a hack to slow down the process.


Don't just treat symptoms.  Revitalise intimate health and well-being from the inside out, with Secret99+

Reverse Vaginal Dryness

Reverse Vaginal Dryness & Painful Sex

Combines high-grade bioavailable peptides and natural extracts that have been scientifically proven to promote natural enhancement and hormonal balance, optimal intimate health, and cognitive support.
Healthy Vaginal Tissue

Promote Healthy Vaginal Tissue

Cell signals are essential for tissue repair. These signals in Secret99+ aid the body's repair process, reverse vaginal dryness, and preserve the vagina in excellent condition and a good pH balance.
Healthy Libido

Boost Healthy Libido

Secret99+ neuro-signalling peptides and nerve regeneration aid in reversing the decline of sexual function by improving circulation and improving sensual sensitivity, which aids in preserving youthful sexual health.
Pelvic Strength

Strengthen Pelvic Health

The science-backed components in Secret99+ promote an ideal vaginal environment, pH balance, improving circulation and protection from oxidative stress and infections, averting urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse.
Secret99 Improves vitality

Improves Vitality & Wellbeing

Phyto-NEP, cognitive support, and chamomile and sunflower seed extracts, a natural hormonal balance promoter - Improve mental well-being and cognitive functions, in addition to reducing anxiety, through its natural endorphin induction and boost of serotonin.
Beautify Inside Out

Beautify from within

Secret99+'s anti-ageing peptides boost collagen and skin elasticity, delivering aesthetic function by systemic circulation from the inside out, leading to both youthful vaginal health and healthy skin, nails, and hair.
Stop Recurring Atrophy

Prevent/stop Recurring Vaginal Atrophy

Secret99+'s Lactobacillus ferment, phyto-NEP, liquorice, and sophora extracts function in tandem to provide an optimal vaginal environment and pH balance, providing both preventive and immediate relief of vaginal discomforts, atrophy, odour or irritation.
Prevent Urine Incontinence

Prevent Urine Incontinence

Secret99+ systemic rejuvenation enhances circulation, promotes collagen and cell renewal, and strengthens the entire vaginal ecosystem instead of burdening the pelvic floor. The ideal condition produced by Secret99+ aids women in alleviating and preventing urinary and even bladder incontinence.

Slow-age vaginal health

No-side effects

how it works

systematic & comprehensive approach to feminine wellness

Most comprehensive therapeutic solution design for women's wellness. Secret99+ 5-pronged systematic approach will rejuvenate you quickly and efficiently, promoting optimal feminine health.

hormonal balance

Promote Hormonal Balance

Our patented fusion of peptides and natural extracts have been scientifically shown to enhance hormonal balance, promote overall intimate health and cognitive function.
improve circulation

Improve Circulation

Stem cell secretomes possess the ability to renew blood and nerve vessels, facilitating better blood, nutrients, and oxygen flow. As a result, Secret99+ can effectively unleash its beneficial properties for your benefit.
collagen systhesis

Collagen Synthesis Promoter

Secret99+ is a proprietary fusion of peptides and science-proven natural extracts that naturally promotes collagen synthesis, resulting in the improvement of skin, vaginal, and pelvic health while reducing signs of aging and promoting faster healing.
cell regenerator

Cell Signals On Repair And Regeneration

Cell signals are crucial to tissue and organ repair. These signals in Secret99+ enhance the body's natural repair and differentiation processes efficiently.

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory & immune regulators

Secret99+ product consists of compounds that have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and immune regulatory properties. These compounds work together to create an optimal vaginal environment, maintain pH balance, and protect against infections.

Where are we different?

There are many vaginal "moisturisers" and procedures on the market.

Where are we different?

There are many vaginal "moisturisers" and procedures on the market.

That is what Secret99+ gets 'done', among many other advantages.

It is uncommon to find one that 'reverses vaginal dryness'

That is what Secret99+ gets 'done', among many other advantages.

It is uncommon to find one that 'reverses vaginal dryness'

Clinical trial: Systematic renewal from the inside out is effective.

A test on 20 participant, Korean women aged between 31 - 63, reported an overall improvement in both intimate health and skin health (moisture reading) after using Secret99+ Rejuvenating System.

Duration: 6 weeks
Method: Patch test, shoulder

Made in Korea,
backed by science.
Simple and convenient to use.

What sets Secret 99 apart?

Patented cutting-edge technology paired with in-house R&D and lab expertise

It took our scientist ten years of R&D in rejuvenating peptide research and development to effectively handle multiple peptides, patent the method of extraction, and create them into a half-li matrix to prevent undesirable side effects while offering high-bioavailable rejuvenating functions.

We prioritise technology, safety, and quality excellence to meet top-tier standards and third-party-rigorous safety requirements.

Clinic Case Study

I'd like to provide a testimonial from one of our patients who used Secret99+ as an additional therapy with a laser vaginal procedure. My patient arrived for her first laser vaginal treatment with dryness in the vagina, which caused severe discomfort during the procedure. Given this, we advised her to use Secret99+ for 2 weeks as rejuvenation care. She faithfully followed our recommendation. During her second vaginal laser treatment, her vagina appeared healthy, providing her with a more comfortable procedure.

She witnessed remarkable healing and regained a healthy vaginal condition. We are pleased that our patient adopted our advice on the continued use of Secret 99 to maintain vaginal health.

Dr. Junita from Mediceuticel Clinic

  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
  • LCP Board Certified

vaginal health slow-ageing support

Dr. Daniel Looi explains the scientific concepts involved

Our scientific advisor, Dr. Daniel Looi, Regenerative Health Researcher, Honorary lecturer (UM), Adjunct lecturer (MAHSA), and Chief Scientific Officer of CYTO Health explains how vaginal rejuvenation through nano gel delivers the systematic rejuvenation

"vaginal health is a systematic reflection of a woman's entire well-being, and I have personally experienced and understood its significance"

I am a peri-menopausal sufferer and something in me doesn't feel right. I almost gave up on intimacy, suffering from recurring discomfort until I discovered Secret99+ through our scientist, a work acquaintance. Secret99+ level up my feminine wellness, experiencing what I call, total rejuvenation. Within a week, vaginal atrophy and  discomforts are gone. Fast forward 3 years and all signs of recurring discomforts and hormonal imbalance are distant memories. I rediscovered better intimacy, like a 15 years rewind button, yet better. It is about confidence, feeling so good inside, out, where everything’s aligned. That’s key to a woman's quality of life and unleashing her feminine energy.

Kimberley, founder of SecretInc.

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Your intimate health’s rejuvenation is important to us. For a personalised Secret99+ experience, a dedicated intimate health expert will be assigned. This specialist works with our associate medical professionals to ensure that you get the most out of Secret99+.

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